About Me

I am not a professional chef. I just love to cook and watch a ton of cooking shows, i.e. Chopped, Food Network shows and the like. Most of the food I like are high in carbs and calories so it has become my mission to use ingredients that would make the meals much healthier. I also want to help people realize that healthy food does not mean you take the yum out of it.

Like most people, I believe that food is like a language that brings people together. When people appreciate the food that I bring to the office, it makes all the tiredness go away.

My ultimate dream is to have a food truck or a mini Filipino restaurant here in New England. There is not a single one in Maine so that’s definitely something I’d like to do because Filipino food has not really transcended yet. I believe that with the right exposure, our cuisine will make waves. Well, maybe someday I would be able to realize this dream.

I thought this is a good pic of me. I didn’t want it to be the typical cook’s photo in an apron or with kitchen stuff (yep, I thought about it though!). I really hope to see you guys here frequently. Peace out!

BW rock

Music is actually my other passion. I don’t play the bass, my husband does. I’ll be learning to play the drums this year, fingers crossed I still get to do so!


One Response to About Me

  1. Mely says:

    Hi Ella, nice blog. from Mely of Mely’s kitchen

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