Spicy Kani Salad ala Ella Bella

Prep Time: About 20 minutes

Calories per serving: 77 calories


I was browsing through a friend’s facebook page the other day when I saw picture of Kani Salad. Thanks, Ivy, for the inspiration 🙂  I almost forgot how much I enjoyed this salad that I just felt compelled to make some for this week.

This easy recipe is a sure hit to anyone who enjoys Asian flavors. If you prefer it non-spicy, you can definitely eliminate the cayenne pepper and red curry paste.

Here are the ingredients for this fresh, delicious salad:

4 cups, Iceberg Lettuce, chopped into bite-size pieces

Imitation crab sticks, 4 sticks

1/3of a medium fresh cucumber, julienned

3 oz fresh carrots, julienned

¼ cup fresh ripe mango, sliced into thin strips

To put this together all you need to do is prep up your veggies and crab sticks, put them in a medium bowl and set it aside. I grabbed a bag of already julienned carrots and also chose to julienne my cucumber and lettuce for presentation purposes.

For the salad dressing, whisk the following ingredients in a small bowl:

5 tbsp Kraft – Mayo Fat Free

1 tsp Thai Kitchen – Red Curry Paste (optional)

1 tbsp rice wine vinegar

1 tsp granulated sugar

1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

1 tbsp cool water

Seasalt and pepper to taste

Pour the dressing over veggie/crab stick mixture if you’re serving all of them at one time, otherwise. Pour enough dressing to each serving separately and refrigerate the leftovers in a sealed container to maintain freshness. Mine was good for 3 days 😉 

Until the next recipe, folks! Enjoy your Mother’s Day weekend! Cheers to all wonderful Mothers out there!


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